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Hot Fudge Sundae Sale Weekend


February 24th – 26th

By the end of February, we are ready for spring to arrive. We felt a good way to say goodbye to winter was to have a Hot Fudge Sundae Celebration as February ends and March starts.

Friday through Sunday at either The Dairy Store or The Golden Jersey Inn a one dip Hot Fudge Sundae is only $2.69!

A two dip Hot Fudge Sundae is only $3.69! You choose the flavor of homemade ice cream you want us to make it from, and we’ll add the hot fudge, whipped cream, nuts, and a cherry! What a deal!

Here are some flavor combinations we have grown fond of over the years. Try one of these or create your own!

Vanilla — just plain vanilla is hard to beat when combined
with the taste of good hot fudge.

Butter Pecan — there is something about the buttery caramel taste, with the pecans that brings out the best in hot fudge taste.

Green Mint Chip  — chocolate and mint, one of the great flavor combinations.

Sea Salty Caramel — the taste salty caramel and  hot chocolate fudge is just amazing.

Black Walnut — for those who like contrasting flavors, try this.

Chocolate P-Nut Butter — the first person to think of putting together the tastes of chocolate and p-nut butter should get some kind of award.
Then top it off with hot fudge for the best sundae of all.

French Vanilla — a slightly more flavorful combination than just vanilla. The French part of the name means the vanilla has egg custard added for a richer texture and taste.

Cookies & Cream or Cookie Dough — these two sweet ice creams only taste better with a generous portion of hot fudge sitting on top!

Cow Patty – Double dark chocolate ice cream with chocolate chips, chocolate cookie pieces and chocolate covered toffee, then topped with hot fudge. Are you kidding me!?

Black Raspberry – when you’re in the mood, the taste of a dark fruit like black raspberry is delicious with hot fudge.

We could go on, but you get the idea! Almost every flavor of ice cream we make tastes good with good old fashioned hot fudge.

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