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What Are the Best Selling Ice Cream Flavors at Young’s?

As we like to say, there are no bad choices in choosing what flavor of ice cream to try. Some choices may be better than others – but they are all tasty.

We’ve noticed that some Guests like to get the same flavor every visit. They long ago figured out the flavor (or maybe two or three flavors) they like, and that’s the flavor they want. No reason to chance another flavor!

Then there are Guests who like a particular range of flavors – like perhaps chocolate. They like to experiment, but keep it in the family. So, when we hear they like chocolate but are looking for some inspiration, we can tell them all about the many flavors we have that feature chocolate in some way (and there are a bunch of flavors that do!). Chocolate P-Nut Butter, Mint Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Cow Patty, Caramel Chocolate Toffee, Chocolate Chip, German Chocolate Brownie,…

Then there are the bold Guests that want to try just about everything/anything we are dipping at the time, especially the new or seasonal flavors. They are on a quest for the one perfect flavor – at least for that day. It’s not unusual for us to give tastes of six or ten flavors before the winner is found. It seems to be a combination of visual and taste appeal that tips the scale to the best choice that day.

Overall, the best-selling flavors of ice cream can be described in a couple of ways. We dip more French Vanilla and Vanilla than any other flavor – because those are the flavors we use to make milkshakes and sundaes with (most of the time, anyway). Top ice cream cone flavors include Chocolate, Cookie Dough, Mint Chocolate Chip, Chocolate P-Nut Butter, Cotton Candy and Cookies & Cream.

Our best-selling seasonal flavor is Pumpkin (September-November each year). Overall, we make about 60 flavors of ice cream at some point each year, and another 30+ flavors of gelato – and are always trying new flavors out. We get ideas from our Staff, Guests and of course, we do like to stop by other ice cream places to try new flavor ideas!

If you are interested, click here to see the 2016 Young’s Ice Cream Flavor plan and Flavor of the Week – an outline of what flavors we plan to make during the year and when we plan to make them.