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Where Did Bullshake, Cowshake & Calfshake Come From?

bullshakes, calfshakes and cowshakes

Pictured Above: Jo Young painting a Jersey cow on the first Young’s store 1958

We subscribe to the process we read about from business writer, Tom Peters, called “creative swiping.” It’s the idea that whenever and where ever we see an idea that maybe could have an application at Young’s, we will try to figure out how to make it happen.

Around 30 years ago we learned of a milkshake style called a fribble – served mainly on the east coast then – that was a thick shake topped with an unmixed dip of ice cream.  At the time, we had two shakes – regular and thick.  Both were the same size – 16 ounces.  We thought the idea of topping a milkshake with another dip of ice cream was cool (!).  So, we experimented.  The extra dip was nice, but it just didn’t work with the same 16-ounce cup.  So, we tried the next size up – a 22/24-ounce cup.  It looked and tasted great. 

We were talking amongst ourselves on what to call the shakes – if we stuck with history, it would be something like regular, thick, and large with a dip of ice cream on top.  That just wasn’t all that exciting and didn’t communicate the idea if having fun during a trip to Young’s.  Then – an idea.  Jo Young, a teacher and part time employee of Young’s since the 1950’s said, “Why don’t you call the three sizes Calfshake, Cowshake and Bullshake?”  It was the perfect idea delivered at the perfect time.  It sounded fun and it matched our dairy farm.

Since then, we’ve had a good time with these names.  It gives us an opportunity to talk about the different shakes to our Guests, and the names are more fun than just saying regular, thick or large.  Of course, there have been lots of smiles over the years when Guests say “Bullshake.” 

We use Young’s Homemade French Vanilla ice cream in making our shakes, and French Vanilla is the flavor we use most often for the top dip on a Bullshake.  But like all other Young’s homemade ice cream creations – you can ask for different flavors to be mixed in for the shake, and an even different flavor to float on top.  There are 1,000’s of combinations to try!  If you want a chocolate p-nut butter Bullshake topped with Sea Salty Caramel – tell us and we’ll be happy to make it. 

One more thing – every Monday-Friday from 3pm to 5pm we have a Milkshakes Make Me Happy Hour – all shakes are $1.50 off.  Enjoy!