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Being Green at Young’s – Reusable Three-Gallon Ice Cream Containers

Reusable ice cream containers

Before it was called being green, we began to figure out ways to reduce our waste and try to use less energy and resources. Our origin is growing up on a farm, and small farmers tend to look for ways to save!

Why ‘Guest’ is Capitalized

Dan and Mickey

The existence of Young’s is entirely due to you – our Guests. Sure – we have friendly cows, make great cheese and ice cream (and have a bunch of cute goats) and have an amazing group of over 300 employees that make Young’s work – but without our amazing Guests, we know we would not exist at all.

Young’s Jersey Dairy’s 148th Birthday Party

Join us Fri-Mon Jan 13-16, 2017 as we celebrate the 148th year since our farm was founded. We have put together great birthday deals for you and your family to visit us Jan 13-16!

20 Years of The Golden Jersey Inn

This week we mark the 20th anniversary of the opening of The Golden Jersey Inn. We wanted this restaurant to be different from the Dairy Store – with the menu and the service designed to create a somewhat quieter, comfort food kind of atmosphere.

Painting the Barn for the First Time

painting the barn

The red barn you see at Young’s was built in 1869, as best we can tell (the date is carved onto one of the oak boards in the upper level haymow). For the first 80 years or so, it was unpainted.

Buy Local — It Helps

buy local

When we buy local, we know our dollars stay more local. That supports more jobs, more taxes paid locally, more economic activity stays local instead of going somewhere else. That’s a good thing. It makes sense. It’s what we do when we can.

Where Did Bullshake, Cowshake & Calfshake Come From?

bullshakes, calfshakes and cowshakes

We were talking amongst ourselves on what to call the shakes – if we stuck with history, it would be something like regular, thick, and large with a dip of ice cream on top. That just wasn’t all that exciting and didn’t communicate the idea if having fun during a trip to Young’s. Then – an idea…

Culinary Students

culinary programs

We are very fortunate to have excellent culinary programs for high school and college students in the Springfield and Dayton area. Young’s has employed many students over the years from these programs.

A Wool Gathering at Young’s – A Festival of Fibers!

In the spring of 1994, several individuals who had fiber animals or who loved to make things from wool met to discuss the possibility of having a Fiber Show.

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