General Nutritional, Allergy and Gluten Information for Young’s Ice Cream - Young's Jersey Dairy in Yellow Springs, OH

We do not have detailed information on the nutritional value for each of our ice cream flavors.  Here is a good guideline for our ice creams.  Keep in mind these are general numbers – and the more ingredients in a flavor will increase the calories.  You can also download a PDF our our nutritional, allergy and gluten information here.

Young’s Ice Cream, Gelato, Sorbetto – by the dip
The following numbers are a range of nutritional information because each flavor is different. Vanilla is always the least calories for ice cream. Adding nuts, candies, flavors and swirls increase the calories and sometimes the fat content.  We base these numbers on our average size dip of 5 ounces by weight. This is about 7/8 cup.  Be careful when you compare nutritional information, as most charts use a serving size of ½ cup – our dips are 75% bigger than that.
Young’s Ice Cream per 5 ounce average dip
Calories                       320 to 390
Fat                               20 to 30g
Carbohydrates             22 to 48g
Young’s Delicious Gelato Milk Based Flavors
These flavors are made with regular milk, with no added butterfat, so the calories tend to be about 60% of ice cream.
Calories                       180 to 240
Fat                               7 to 9g
Carbohydrates             36 to 42g
Young’s Delicious Homemade Fruit Sorbetto
Sorbetto is made with no butterfat.  Lemon Sorbetto is dairy free
Calories                       135 to 140
Fat                               0g
Carbohydrates             36g

Below is our allergen list.  If you have further questions, please ask for a manager who will be happy to assist you.  We have procedures for washing and rinsing dippers to avoid cross-contamination when we dip ice cream for a Guest with allergies – so just ask and we’ll be happy to help.

Allergen List

Allergen List for Young's Jersey Dairy Ice Creams

Gluten-Free Ice Cream List

Gluten Free Ice Creams at Young's Jersey Diary