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Down Goes Jersey Weekend


Do you remember when we had a scary, crazy blizzard on April 2, 2016?  We don’t know the exact strength of the storm, but we’re pretty sure it exceeded 70 mph – because it blew ‘Jersey’ off her sign perch – and she had been up there since the 1960’s!

We had a lot of fun (and a lot of work) over the two weeks after her fall from the sign, getting Jersey repaired, and then the ceremony of putting her back on her perch where she belongs.  It became a news story that a lot of folks followed, even out of state.

We decided to celebrate the anniversary of ‘Jersey’ by reposting some of the pictures and events from last year on our Facebook and Instagram page, posting some pictures and videos we did not use last year and retelling the story of ‘Jersey’ falling off her sign.

We’re also putting all milkshakes on sale this weekend at both restaurants – all milkshakes are $1.50 off.  In case you don’t get it – the fall shook Jersey (and her milk) up – hence a milkshake sale!  Yes, we know that’s cheesy – but what do you expect from a place that calls its large milkshake a Bullshake?

Visit Young’s Facebook page the week leading up to the ‘Down Goes Jersey’ weekend, and then visit Young’s for a good deal on a milkshake – and say hello to Jersey while you are here!

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