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    • Thanksgiving Buffet

      Thanksgiving Buffet

      November 23rd, 2017 Let us take care of the cooking this year. You bring your family, we’ll supply the great food and service you’ve come to expect from Young’s. (We’ll even do the dishes)
    • Choose & Cut Christmas Trees

      Choose & Cut Christmas Trees

      November 24th – December 17th, 2017 Cut your own Christmas Trees is a great family tradition from Thanksgiving until Christmas
    • Young’s 149th Birthday Celebration

      Young’s 149th Birthday Celebration

      January 12th – 15th, 2018 Help us celebrate our birthday with specials all over the farm.
    • Doo Your Moo

      Doo Your Moo

      January 22nd – January 28th, 2018 Start practicing your MOOs now! If your MOO is good enough – you’ll get rewarded.
    • Special Valentine’s Deal

      Special Valentine’s Deal

      February 9th - 14th, 2018 Bring your sweetheart to The Golden Jersey Inn for a Special Valentine’s Deal.
Home / Dan's Dairy Diary / Being Green at Young’s – Reusable Three-Gallon Ice Cream Containers

Being Green at Young’s – Reusable Three-Gallon Ice Cream Containers

Reusable ice cream containers

(Pictured above: Reusable ice cream containers in our 18 below zero freezer – ready for dipping!)

Before it was called being green, we began to figure out ways to reduce our waste and try to use less energy and resources.  Our origin is growing up on a farm, and small farmers tend to look for ways to save!  Young’s started using plastic three-gallons and lids for our ice cream more than 25 years ago.  Before then, we used disposable cardboard containers with metal rims (the old timers around here remember these – the metal rims were very sharp).

The cardboard ice cream containers were used one time only; we then threw them out.  By reusing plastic containers, we get about 10-15 or so uses for each container before it develops a crack or becomes otherwise unsuitable for ice cream.  We estimate over the past 25 years we have used about 320,000 fewer three-gallon ice cream containers.  That’s 320,000 fewer in the landfill, fewer trees used and less overall energy used.

More articles on Being Green at Young’s later in the year.

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