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Jan 1, 2018 Young’s ORAEF ProStart® Scholarships

The Ohio Restaurant Association Education Foundation supports hospitality and culinary education for students in Ohio.  Over the years, Young’s has hosted tours for many classes of culinary students from Springfield Clark Career Technology Center (pictured above), Greene County Career Center, Miami Valley Career Technology Center, Upper Valley Career Center, Centerville High School, Ponitz Career Technical Center, Tolles Career & Technical Center and more!  Young’s is a great place to learn – there aren’t many places where you can visit an actual farm milking cows, cheese and ice cream production, two different restaurants and catering for picnics of 50 to 2,000 or more.

Many of these schools teach the ProStart® program.  The ProStart® program was developed to increase the quality and employability of today’s high school restaurant-management and culinary arts graduates by providing them with essential work-related skills, as well as career exploration and the opportunity to seek post-secondary education.  The ProStart® program includes an industry-backed curriculum to teach, test and award industry-recognized credential to students meeting high standards in foodservice and restaurant education.

ProStart® is a two-year curriculum for high school juniors and seniors developed by the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation.  Coupled with relevant work-based experiences, this curriculum enriches, enhances, and reinforces what students learn in the classroom and provides students with opportunities to develop the essential skills critical to their future success.  By integrating classroom learning with real world job experiences, ProStart® provides students to learn important skills including customer service, leadership, teamwork and responsibility.

These skill sets serve as a foundation to professional, trained and educated employees. The program provides a school-to-career path for high school students interested in the restaurant and foodservice industry.

Young’s has had the pleasure of providing jobs for many students from these schools – sometimes on a short term ‘intern’ basis, and sometimes longer term.  We have worked closely with theSpringfield Clark Career Technology Center – Chef Hay and his students did some development work for us a couple years ago to figure out a great recipe for our Mac & Cheese we serve at The Golden Jersey Inn and at our picnics.  We had tried various recipes and just couldn’t figure out what we were missing.  We delivered about 40 pounds of yellow cheddar and baby swiss cheese to Chef Hay – and after some experimentation – we have a delicious recipe.

Eight years ago, we were just about a year into making our own cheese at Young’s using our cow’s milk.  We learned how to make cheddar cheese curds, but we wanted to bread and deep fry the curds to make a tasty side order for our restaurants.  We tried many different recipes – but couldn’t quite get it right.

We turned to Chef Stanziano at Miami Valley Career Technical Center for help.  He created a recipe that was perfect for us.  It’s what we use today to make our famous deep fried breaded cheddar cheese curds.  We sell more breaded curds than we do french fries at both our restaurants now – and they are a menu staple on our new food truck – Young’s on the Moove!

In appreciation of both the Miami Valley Career Technology Center and the Springfield Clark Career Technology Center and their teachers, we created scholarships starting in 2018 for students from both these schools’ culinary programs.  Young’s committed to funding 10 years of scholarships for a total of $15,000.  These two scholarships are administered through the Ohio Restaurant Association Education Foundation.

For more information on the Ohio Restaurant Association Educational Foundation, please visit their website.