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    • Mother’s Day Meal

      Mother’s Day Meal

      Sunday May 13th, 2018 Take your mother out to a delicious buffet at The Golden Jersey Inn this year. We’ll even clean up the dishes.
    • Memorial Day Weekend

      Memorial Day Weekend

      May 24th-28th, 2018 Celebrate Memorial Day with us. You show up, we’ll supply the fun.
    • Young’s Farmstead Cheese 9th Anniversary Week

      Young’s Farmstead Cheese 9th Anniversary Week

      June 4th–10th, 2018 Taste, enjoy & learn about Young’s Farmstead Cheese
    • Father’s Day Meal

      Father’s Day Meal

      June 17th, 2018 Take care of your dad this Father’s Day. Take him to The Golden Jersey Inn for a great meal (without doing the dishes).
    • Independence Day Family Value Week

      Independence Day Family Value Week

      June 29th - July 5th, 2018 Take advantage of a special value wristband good for all day, unlimited family fun at Young’s this Independence Day Week.
Home / Dan's Dairy Diary / Share Your Good Moos with Young’s – Doo Your MOO!

Share Your Good Moos with Young’s – Doo Your MOO!

Now is the time for all good moos to come to Young’s!  Enjoy a quick trip from the Jan 22-28 – Mon-Sun.  The Staff at Young’s invite you to visit and share your good moos!  Once a year, we invite our great Guests to visit and Moo for their ice cream.  Many of you have no doubt visited Young’s and have experienced the lowing sound of a good Moo from one (or more) of our Jersey cows.  There are many variations of a Moo – communicating things like, “Hey, I’m ready for lunch.” to just saying, “Hello.”  There’s nothing quite like listening to your fellow Guests letting loose with some amazing Moos at Young’s.

We started this fun week about 15 years ago, and haven’t stopped yet.  Visit either The Dairy Store or The Golden Jersey Inn at Young’s on Jan 22 through Jan 28, and give us your best MOOOOOOOOO!.  You’ll be glad you did – a free extra dip of ice cream on your dessert at The Dairy Store or a free one-dip sundae (or mini-dessert) at The Golden Jersey Inn with your meal!

We’re serious about practicing!  Our Staff waits all year for the opportunity to hear some emotional, bold, meaningful, heart-felt moving Moos.  Good Moos earn some free ice cream, but you must first impress our staff that your Moo is worthy.  Don’t worry – we accept just about any old Moo – but we do like to be impressed.  We’ve had great Moos from Guests of all ages – and have had fun listening to a number of three and even four part harmoonies.  We look forward to hearing your Moos.