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    • Doo Your Moo

      Doo Your Moo

      January 22nd – January 28th, 2018 Start practicing your MOOs now! If your MOO is good enough – you’ll get rewarded.
    • Special Valentine’s Deal

      Special Valentine’s Deal

      February 9th - 14th, 2018 Bring your sweetheart to The Golden Jersey Inn for a Special Valentine’s Deal.
    • Hot Fudge Sundae Sale Weekend

      Hot Fudge Sundae Sale Weekend

      February 23rd - 25th, 2018 Aren’t we just tired of winter already? Warm up with our End of Winter Hot Fudge Sundae Sale
    • Homemade Ice Cream Pint Sale

      Homemade Ice Cream Pint Sale

      March 22nd-25th, 2018 Young’s Jersey Dairy’s delicious homemade ice cream is on sale!
    • Down Goes Jersey Weekend

      Down Goes Jersey Weekend

      March 30th - April 1st, 2018 Do you remember when we had a scary, crazy blizzard on April 2, 2016? 
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Angela G.

Young’s Jersey Dairy is a great place to take the family! There’s tons of activities to do (i.e batting cages, putt putt golf, driving range, kiddie corral, etc). The food is delicious too! My favorite are the tater wedges with cheese!!!


An amazing place I enjoyed as a kid and can now enjoy with my kid. I love everything about Young’s and wouldn’t change a thing. Can’t resist the sweet chili cheese curds, ice cream, putt putt, and fresh ground coffee. No shortage of fun things for a truly enjoyable day.

Christina S.

Absolutely delicious! I was visiting from Florida and a friend brought us to Young’s. The ice cream was so delicious and filling, and the scenery was beautiful. It was so cool to see my daughter try to pet all the animals.

Joe S.

This is just an excellent experience for younger kids. We’ve taken our little guy here for the last few years in a row and he has a blast each time. Add the tractor rides back to the pumpkin patch, great food, clean bathrooms, petting animals and don’t forget the awesome ice cream, cheese and other…

Amy T.

Excellent place for food, fun & family to spend a couple of hours or the day! The ice cream of course is the highlight! Lots of flavors to choose from and it’s all delicious. They serve lunch and dinner but my husband and I especially like their breakfast. The putt putt is fun as is…

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