Frequently Asked Questions - Young's Jersey Dairy in Yellow Springs, OH

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an admission fee?

  • Each individual activity has a cost attached, but there is no admission charge to visit Young’s.

Do you charge for parking?

  • No

What is Cow Patty ice cream?

  • It is double dark chocolate loaded with cookie pieces, toffee pieces & chocolate chips. Cow Patty is one of our best selling flavors!

Do you use your milk to make the ice cream?

  • 100% of our milk from our herd of Jerseys goes into making Young’s Farmstead Cheese. We purchase a special 15% butterfat ice cream mix (milk, cream & sugar) from Reiter Dairy in Springfield to make our ice cream.  We make all of Young’s Ice Cream here at the farm.

Does your chocolate fudge brownie ice cream have nuts in it?

  • No.

What are tater babies?

  • Seasoned potato wedges deep fried to a golden brown. Served with a side of cheese sauce.

Do you serve any ice cream type product dairy free?

  • Our homemade sorbettos are 100% dairy free.

What’s your most popular flavor?

  • Changes every year, but the top flavors are French Vanilla (used in milkshakes), Chocolate, Vanilla (used in sundaes), Cookie Dough, Mint Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Peanut Butter and Cotton Candy.

Do you offer birthday parties?

  • We do have a space located near the batting cages available for rental for 120 minutes intervals that is available mid-April through October. Space rental includes a farm themed painted area for two hours, cups, plates, napkins, flatware, tablecloths, 10 balloons, ice water and lemonade for your guests.  You may purchase three or five tab wristbands or individual activities in addition to the space rental and purchase food and ice cream off of a specific menu.  Other than the space rental, we have an abundance of picnic tables throughout the farm as well as a large dining area.  We can not reserve tables for your party.  We ask that you not bring any outside food (with the exception of a birthday cake) as we have a menu to suit your needs.  Please contact Joy or Angela at 937-325-0629 or with questions and availability or book online.

Do you sell goats milk or cheese?

  • We do not milk our goats. Our goats are here to have fun and socialize with our Guests.

Do you sell milk?

  • All of our milk from our cows goes into making Young’s Farmstead cheese.

Do you accept reservations?

  • No. We do, however, appreciate a heads up of very large groups for staffing purposes at either restaurant.  The Dairy Store – 937-325-0629; The Golden Jersey Inn – 937-324-2050.

What are the hours of the petting zoo?

  • 10am-9pm

What is gelato?

  • Gelato is fresh Italian ice cream. It differs from traditional ice cream in ingredients, consistency and flavor.  Milk based gelato contains about one half the calories and about one-third the fat when compared to our ice cream and less sugar.

What is sorbetto?

  • The fruit based gelato, or sorbetto, has almost no fat at all and very little dairy ingredients. Sorbetto can also be called sorbet.  Sorbetto is different than sherbet because sherbet has about half the milk and cream than regular ice cream and sorbetto has very little milk.  However, our sorbetto tastes very creamy because of the ingredients and the way it is made.  Our sorbettos are dairy free.

What are curds?

  • Fresh cheddar cheese curds are what we produce as one of the last steps in making Young’s Farmstead Cheddar Cheese. When making cheddar cheese, we take the curds and place them in a ‘hoop’, or form (either a round or square shape) that we then put weights on overnight to squeeze together into a block or wheel.  It’s then aged for a few months as it turns into cheddar cheese and develops the distinctive cheddar flavor.
  • Curds are just fresh cheddar cheese that haven’t been pressed into a hoop and aged. Curds have a mild taste — they haven’t developed the stronger cheddar flavor.  Curds are delicious as a snack and can be used in many tasty ways.  We offer Plain, Garlic, Cajun, Dill, Cheddar Ranch and Italian Herb.  Our best selling curd is Young’s Deep fried breaded cheddar cheese curds, sold as a side item at both restaurants in traditional, buffalo and Sweet chili style.

Do you offer group discounts?

Do you give tours of your production facilities?

  • During the Cheese Anniversary in June and The Fall Farm Pumpkin Festival, you can tour the ice cream & cheese making facilities.

How often do you milk your cows?  Can I watch?

  • We milk our cows twice a day. You can watch them being milked in the barn approximately 4:30pm-6pm daily.

What are Young’s Gift Cards good for?

  • You can use Young’s Gift Cards anywhere on the farm. They are good for all food and fun at The Dairy Store, Udders & Putters, The Golden Jersey Inn and Outside entertainment.  You can purchase gift cards on line here.

What is the difference between The Golden Jersey Inn and The Dairy Store?

  • The Golden Jersey Inn is full service, sit down with more home cooked meals such as chicken and dumplings, meatloaf and beef and noodles, just to name a few. The Dairy Store is more fast food sandwiches, salads, sides and more.  And, of course, Young’s Homemade Ice Cream.
  • The Golden Jersey Inn offers breakfast all day, every day. The Dairy Store serves breakfast daily from 7 a.m. – 2 p.m.

What oil is used to fry your sides in?

  • Young’s uses soybean oil to fry our foods in.

Do you use your Jerseys for your burgers?

  • No, our Jerseys are for milking only. 100% of their milk goes into making Young’s Farmstead Cheese.

I am involved with a charity and I wish to make a donation request to Young’s – How do I do this?

How many people work at Young’s Dairy?

  • In the Spring, Summer and Fall, Young’s employs 320 people!

Why the name Jersey?  Is Young’s from New Jersey?

  • Jersey is a breed of cow that produces a higher fat content of milk. We feel this produces a great tasting cheese!

How do I schedule a group or company picnic?

I want to schedule a tour for my school or class.  How do I do this?

Why should I join Young’s Birthday Club?

Do you make your donuts?

  • The donuts sold at Young’s are made locally by Stan’s Donuts. We do make our pecan rolls, breads, pies, brownies, buckeyes, sweet potato bread and pumpkin bread.

Is your ice cream gluten free?

  • Yes.  All of our homemade ice cream is gluten free with the exception of anything containing cookies, brownies, toffee pieces or add in that contains a gluten product.

Do the batting cages operate in the rain?

  • The batting cages are covered and operate in the rain.  They will be shut down during lightning and heavy rain with winds.  It must be above 40 degrees in order for the batting cages to operate.

How old do you have to be to work at Young’s?

Are you handicapped accessible?

  • Yes, we have several paved paths for your convenience.  Our second miniature golf course is wheelchair accessible.

Do you allow dogs at your facility? 

  • Yes, we are a dog-friendly farm.  Please keep them on a leash at all times.  They are to be kept out of the restaurants and out of barn (unless a registered service animal).

When will the sunflower field be in bloom?

  • The popular sunflower field at Whitehall Farms south of Young’s is planted to bloom mid to late September for Fall visitors.  For updates, please visit

Do you offer sugar free ice cream?

  • We make no sugar added vanilla and no sugar added raspberry.

What is your no sugar added ice cream sweetened with?

  • Sorbital

What change do I need for the goat food dispensers?

  • The goat food dispensers take quarters.

Do you serve soft serve ice cream?

  • No, all of our ice cream is hand dipped.

Are you open year round?