Homemade Ice Cream and Family Fun | Young's Jersey Dairy


Contact Information

 Young’s Jersey Dairy
6880 Springfield-Xenia Rd
Yellow Springs, OH 45387

General Information/The Dairy Store: (937) 325-0629
The Golden Jersey Inn: (937) 324-2050
Udders & Putters: (937) 325-0502
Picnics & Catering: (937) 605-2584

Definitely one of my Go To places whenever I am in the area. The Dairy has some of the absolute best Homemade Ice Cream therefore the best shakes. And the Restaurant some of the best country food fares for anyone to enjoy.

It’s the Best Ice Cream from anywhere ever! Great fun for small kids, families, anyone who enjoys the REAL ice cream, feeding goats, playing miniature golf etc.. looking forward to the hot fudge sundae weekend and pint sales.

This place is truly Ohio at its finest. Cows, ice cream, fried foods, family fun… everything you could want is right here at Young’s. We love feeding the goats, watching the cows graze and seeing the baby animals in the barn. This spot is so pleasant and enjoyable. Their ice cream is AMAZING. You have to get some even if the line is long, don’t worry it’ll move quick.


Young’s Jersey Dairy Since 1869

Young’s history begins in 1869 when relatives of the Young Family built the red barn. Hap Young bought the 60-acre farm and house shortly after the end of World War II. For the next 10 years, Hap and his three sons Carl, Bob, and Bill, farmed the 60 acres, plus up to 500 additional rented acres. They grew grain, raised hogs, and milked cows.

In 1958, the Young Family decided to try to sell our Jersey milk directly to the public. The first sales room was a modest operation. We built a 10′ by 10′ room onto the end of the milk room. The equipment was also modest – some glass jugs, a refrigerator, a cash drawer, and the honor system. The customer would drive up, open the refrigerator, get his gallon of milk, leave an empty jug and the money, and drive away.