School Tours - Young's Jersey Dairy in Yellow Springs, OH
Kids Feeding jersey Cow youngs dairy


Use the below items to request your date & time for school tours this year.

School Tours

Starting April 15th – October 30th

  • Booking your Tour Group: Please call to check availability and schedule your tour with Joy at 937-325-0629 between 9am-4pm
  • Download & print your confirmation and mail/fax it to us to secure your spot. Click here to download the pdf

Contact Information P. 937-325-0629 Fax 937-325-3226 Young’s Jersey Dairy 6880 Springfield-Xenia Rd Yellow Springs, OH 45387

What You Get

Young’s will greet and provide you and your class, group, or organization with a guided tour of the Young’s Jersey Dairy Farm that will include the following:

  • A delightful visit inside the barn to our petting area where you will find our calves, cows, goats, sheep and other lovable farm animals.
  • An entertaining visit with our friendly and fun kids and goats that your group may pet and hand feed (we will provide your group with goat feed).
  • A genuine “down home” fun-filled wagon ride around the fields and land of Young’s Jersey Dairy. Please note: the wagon ride is not a Hay ride and in the case of inclement weather, the wagon ride will be cancelled with additional time spent with the animals in the petting area and with activities in the Dairy Tale Theater.
  • An educational and entertaining trip to Dairy Tale Theatre, where everyone can enjoy a unique hands-on variety of activities that teach us about dairy cows and farming. Just to name a few of the group activities, groups will enjoy our video that shows milking time on the farm along with a chance to milk our model cow “Jenny” the Jersey and other fun activities.
  • Each person (paying participant) will receive a 3½ ounce cup of our delicious vanilla ice cream.
  • While the basic tour will last between 1 and 1½ hours, late arrivals may result in a delayed or significantly shortened tour time for your group.

To assure your class, group or organization’s maximum enjoyment and participation in all of the tour activities, please arrive approximately 10 minutes before your scheduled tour time. Groups with young children or groups arriving from a considerable distance are encouraged to arrive earlier to take advantage of time for a restroom break.

Tour Pricing

A minimum of 10 paying participants are required to schedule a tour These guidelines do not apply to groups with mentally and/or physically challenged children or adults where additional help and supervision are required. Young’s Farm Tour Choices (circle the number of the choice for your tour).

Basic Farm Tour1 to 1 1/2 Hours$6.00
Pumpkin Patch & Farm Tour1 Hour up to 2 Hours$8.25

Choose three additional activities to give your group the maximum choice for fun.  Choose three activities from:  miniature golf, batting cages (4 tokens), Cowvin’s Fast Slide, the driving range, a two dip ice cream cone, a cup of goat feed, Cowvin’s Kiddie Corral (in season) and (in season) Cowvin’s Corny Maze for an additional $16.95 per person. Or choose an additional five activities for $23.95. All tours will pay at The Dairy Tale Theatre.

Adult to Child Ratio** Preschoolers (ages 3 to 5) – Elementary age children: 1 adult per 5 children

A teacher/director is required to accompany his/her group for all tour activities. There is no charge for adults/teachers/bus drivers/parents/chaperones accompanying the tour as long as the number of adults matches the above guidelines on adult to children ratios.  Additional adults above our guideline ratios will be charged regular fees for the tour.  Any additional siblings/children participating will pay regular tour fees.

Arriving at Young’s

When your class, group, or organization arrives at Young’s Jersey Dairy, please follow these directions:

  • Buses are to pull up to the designated Drop Off area (shown on the map below) to unload passengers. Buses may then park in the bus parking area (shown on the map below)
  • The group can then wait in the Drop Off area (shown on the map below) for their Tour Guide.
  • To assure your class, group, or organization’s maximum enjoyment and participation in all of the tour activities, please arrive approximately 10 minutes before your scheduled tour time. Groups with young children or groups arriving from a considerable distance are encouraged to arrive earlier to take advantage of time for a restroom break. There are restrooms available next to the Dairy Tale Theatre.
  • Your Tour Guide will greet your group at the designated tour time and will need the group’s leader and/or director to pay for the tour at The Dairy Tale Theatre. Please have all monies collected or a check made out for the correct number of children and adults on that day and give to the tour guide who will ring it up in The Dairy Tale Theatre.
  • When these procedures are complete, the tour can begin. Each tour takes about 1 to 1½ hours.
  • However, if your group is composed of 75-100 paying participants, the tour will take 2 hours. Please keep this in mind when scheduling your tour to allow your group enough time to tour, eat their ice cream, and return to their destination. If necessary, the tour may be shortened to accommodate a group’s time constraints, schedules, or tardiness. Simply inform your Tour Guide before the tour begins of any time constraints you may be facing. In this way, your Tour Guide should be able to fit the tour into your schedule.
  • A teacher or director is required to always accompany his or her group for all tour activities. (see Child to Adult Ratio)

Click here for a PDF of the Tour Map below to bring with you to your tour!! Click the map below to see a larger version!

Tour Guidelines

  • Groups should always stay with their teacher/director, Tour Guide, or Group Leader while visiting Young’s Jersey Dairy.
  • While on the tour, listen and follow all directions given by the Tour guide. These directions are to help insure your safety while still having a great time.
  • Be courteous and quiet so that you and others in your group can hear the information and facts about the farm and our animals.
  • No running, pushing, or shoving while proceeding through the tour.
  • For your safety, please walk while inside of the barn, and no climbing or standing on any of the animal pens or fences.
  • Be kind and gentle to all of our animals. Approach the animals calmly, slowly, and quietly; quick or sudden movements can frighten them.
  • Do not mistreat, yell at, run at, or throw food or objects at the animals.
  • When feeding our goats, hold your hand out flat and feed them the goat pellets that we provide. The goats tickle or lick your hand with their lips and tongues as you feed them, but they will not bite.
  • Do not attempt to pick up or hold any of the barn cats that you may see around the farm. Barn cats are not used to being held and can scratch when being approached.
  • While on the Tour Wagon, please remain seated (flat on your behind) with your hands and feet inside of the wagon during the entire trip.
  • Please be environmentally aware and conscientious by depositing all trash in the waste receptacles provided around the farm.
  • Anyone seen mistreating our animals or not following the rules, at that point and time, will no longer be a part of the tour group.

Dress appropriately for the weather, as more than half of the tour will take place outdoors. Walkways along the tour are either paved or gravel. We suggest athletic shoes be worn year round, but boots may be more appropriate on rainy or snowy days. We discourage our tour guests from wearing sandals or flip-flops as walking may become uncomfortable, especially on the gravel walkways

Other Information

Booking Your Group Tour: Scheduled Tours are available Wednesday through Friday, beginning at 9:15 a.m. through 2:15 p.m during the above listed dates. Tours should be scheduled at least 10 days in advance to assure the scheduling of your Tour Guide(s). To schedule a tour for your class, group or organization, please call (937) 325-0629, between the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Wagon Rides: The approximate seating capacity for the wagon ride is 20 to 30 people (depending upon the age and size of the children/adults in your group). We may have to divide your group and have separate wagon rides in order to accommodate larger groups. We appreciate your understanding of these safety regulations and your cooperation in this matter.

Please note: the wagon ride is a “Wagon” Ride and not a hayride. Teachers and group leaders are encouraged to communicate the above information to their group before the tour date.

The Dairy Tale Theatre: Our tour room is called The Dairy Tale Theatre. The tour room has been converted into an old barn with lots of hands-on activities to help you experience life on the farm. Meet and milk “Jenny,” our model Jersey cow.  Schools or Groups using purchase orders for payment please use one of the following procedures:

  • Write the purchase order number on top of the confirmation sheet before mailing it back to us.
  • Telephone us at (937) 325-0629 in advance to give us a copy of your purchase order before your scheduled tour date.
  • Provide a tour guide with a copy of your class or group’s original purchase order on the day of your tour.

Schools or Groups using purchase orders when scheduling two or more tours are requested to use one of the following procedures.

  • When scheduling tour dates and times by telephone, please inform us of the purchase order number(s) you will be using for each tour date.
  • Write the purchase order number(s) on the top of the confirmation sheet(s) before mailing it back to us.

If the purchase order number will be used again for future tours, please indicate this by writing the purchase order number on the confirmation sheet(s) corresponding to each tour date or inform us of this when scheduling a tour (s) by telephone.